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"There Were No Survivors" is an anthology of horror stories about the End of the World. Each looks at the apocalypse in a different light, from the uplifting to the operatic to the simply macabre.


"Dumpster Buddies" The dead have returned to murder and consume the living. The government is impotent, the media won't shut up about it, and everyone else just tries to get through their daily routines uninterrupted. What can you do when mankind is facing a slow bleed of exponential depopulation? Nothing. Embrace the mundane.


"Lies of Light and Heat" A young girl endures a daily Hell through mockeries of love and warmth. To survive she holds onto the fading memories of her infancy, when the Sun brought light and heat to all the Earth.


"The Incredible True Story of the Rapture" A personal piece about the predicted Rapture of 2011 and how we spent our last night on earth. Sacrifices are made, bonds are strengthened, voices are stretched to their limits.


"The Great Black Hills Presidential Debate" Here is a glimpse of a post-apocalyptic society going through the motions of civilized democratic discourse. Naturally the candidates are out to undermine the whole process in bids for profit and power. The masses are entertained by their pandering and bickering, and civilization marches on.


"Disaster World" The story of the Apocalypse as it happens, centering on a few people paying witness to the last of humanity being washed away. Environmental anomalies have led to an unending and ever-changing barrage of natural disasters across the globe. What may be the last survivors are trapped inside a Mega-Church, desperately holding on to what remains of their shattered lives. What will happen when the nine thousand starving, terrified refugees realize that there is no food, no rescue, and no hope? What will they do when sudden violence and strange disease break out inside their cramped conditions? Eventually even the most ambitious, charismatic, and well-meaning among them realize that their petty grasps at power and influence will not save them. 



Taylor White 2011-2013